Kherubim (Cherubim) Lyrics by Zaza


(Sung in Zulu)

Ikherumim ne Seraphime (The Cherubim and the Seraphim)
Zona zibabaza mahl’ako   (They praise your name)
Zithlabel’ uHalleluya (They sing “Hallelujah”)
Zona zibabaza Mahla ako  (They praise your name)

Uyingcwele uphakeme (You are Holy, be lifted up)
Unamandla anginawo (You’re powerful, I am nothing)
Sith’uyingcwele uphakeme (You are Holy, be lifted up)
Unamandla anginawo (You are powerful, I am nothing)

Uyingcwele simakade (My God you are Holy)
Uyingcwele Nkosi ya makhosi (You are Holy King of kings)
Angekho fanana nawe  (There’s no one like you) x?

Kwanqaba Umusa (Mercy Said No) Lyrics by Thina Zungu


(Sung in Zulu/Xhosa)

Kwanqab’Umusa (Mercy said no)
Nibona ngiphila njena (You see I am now like this) (?)
uThixo akavumanga, (Because God denied [the devil’s plans])
Ngempilo yami (Against my life)

Wathi “Cha, ‘ngeke ngivume (He said “No, I will not let you fall) – .
Unyawo lakho lushelele”(or your foot to slip”)
uThixo akavumanga, (God denied [the devil’s plans])
Ngempilo yami (Against my life)

Kwakumele ngihlushwe (My suffering was good for me)
Ukuze ngaz’imiso zakho (For it taught me your decrees)
Impela njengo Jakobe (Surely just like Jacob)
Kwakumele ngilingwe (You will defend and preserve me) 

Kodwa ngoba mina angazi (It is because I know You)
Ukuthi wena uyisiphephelo sami (that you are my shield)
Impela nguwe owanqaba (truly it is you that will block plans)
Nempilo yami (against my life)

(From top)

Dumisani (Praise) Lyrics by Nomandla Mfecane

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(Sung in Zulu)

Dumisani uYehova, zizwe zonke Hallelujah (Praise the Lord, all you nations)
Mbongeni, mncomeni njalo (Praise and thank Him, always)

Siphakamisel’ amehlo ethu (We lift up our eyes)
Siphakamis’ izandla zethu (We lift up our hands)
Lapho usizo lwethu,  lovela khona (Where is our help?  He comes quickly)

(Verse 2)
Baba singayaphi uma singasuka kuwe?
(Where can we go without your presence, Father?)

(Verse 2)
Siyazithoba phambi, kwetrone yakho yomusa
(We bow before your merciful throne)

(Verse 2)
As a sign of surrendering to you

(Verse 1)

I Love the Lord Lyrics by Ntokozo Mbambo (JC7)


(Languages: English, Zulu)

Ngiyakuthanda Nkosi yam’ (I love you my Lord)
Wamamela kukhala kwam’ (You heard my cries)
Wangihawukela wangiduduza (you pitied me and comforted me)
Konke ukuphila kwam’ (As long as I live)
Ngithembe wena (I will trust in you)
Ungumhlengi wam’, ungumsindisi wam’ (You are my helper; my redeemer)

I love the Lord; He heard my cries,
And pitied every groan;
Long as I live, when troubles rise,
I’ll hasten to His throne

Refrain: I’ll hasten to the throne
When my heart is full of pain I know I can – I’ll run to your throne
My knees are so weak that I cannot pray, but I’ll hasten to your throne
When everybody has shown their backs on me, but I’ll run to your throne
He said “Come to me, lay down all you who are weary
Take my yoke upon you, for my burden’s so light”
Sometimes my body maybe ill, but said (you said you’re my healer)x4
So I’m healed!

I can go, I can go… to the Lord
Whatever I need… He has it
So I don’t need to worry, no no
See, sometimes people may tell you things:
They may tell you that you’re nothing
They may tell you that you’re nobody
They may tell you that you’re not gonna make it
But I came to let you know that with God, you can
You see, I can do all things through Christ
Who strengthens me – day in and day out
Cause he’s my strength, whenever I am weak He gives me wings like an eagle
So I can, you can make it,

Sometimes it seems like you’re praying and nothing is happening
I came to let you know, let you know, it’s just a test
Just hold on a little bit longer, hold on a little bit longer
Hold on to his promises x3
Hold on! x5


Lekker Smakie (Sweet Taste) lyrics by Charisma Hanekam (Joyous Celebration 17)


(Sung in Afrikaans)

Ek het n lekker smakie (I have a sweet taste)
Hier binne in my hartjie (Here in my heart)
Toe die Here my siel kom red het (From when the LORD saved heart)
Toe kry ek ‘n lekker smakie (I have the sweet taste)

Toe die Here my siel kom red het (From when the LORD saved my heart) x3
Toe kry ek ‘n lekker smakie (I have found the sweet taste)

[From the top]

My siel se ja, se ja, se ja ja ja [My Soul says yes…]
My siel se ja, se ja, vir die Here

My soul says yes, says yes, says yes
My soul says yes, says yes, to the Lord (Repeat)

Moya wam’ uthi yebo, uthi yebo, uthi yebo [in Zulu]
Moya wam’ uthi yebo, uthi yebo Nkosi yam

El Shaddai Adonai (Lord, God Almighty) Lyrics by Benjamin Dube


(Sung in Zulu)

UnguJehova wena, (You are Jehovah)
Isiphephelo sam’ nguwe (My shield is you)
Ungumelusi wam’ wena, (My shepherd, is you)
Ukuthula kwam’ nguwe (You are my peace)

Ungumthokozisi wena (You are the bringer of all joy)
Ukuphila kwam’ nguwe (My life belongs to you)
Ungenzel’okuhle wena (You do great things) (Njalo, Njalo)  (Always)
El Shaddai Adonnai nguwe (You are God Almighty, our Lord)

Kubobonke oThixo (Amongst other gods) Lyrics by Benjamin Dube


Sung in Xhosa:
Kubobonke oThixo (Amongst all other gods)
Akekho onjengawe (There is no one like You)
Kuba yinceba zakhe  (His love and mercies)
Zimi nguna phakade (Endures forever) x2

Sung in Zulu:
Uyinkosi yezulu (You are the Lord of heaven)
Uphakeme kakhulu (You are highly exalted)
Ngizolibonga nkosi yami (My God I bless)
Elakho igama (Your name)

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